Education Review Group

The Education Review Group is diverse in terms of its members current work and their knowledge and experience of education in the UK including among them education experts, voluntary sector leaders, academics and lawyers. Our focus was on taking the opportunity provided by the consultation to think more creatively than 'assisted places for the gifted' . We drew on a broad range of experience and knowledge of the education system in the UK and of how it impacts or otherwise on the disaffected and the disadvantaged as well as able pupils. We also thought carefully about ways in which the independent sector could benefit a wider range (rather than just a greater number) of those who could not pay their fees.

1. Members include:

  • Professor Peter Mortimore, Former Director of the Institute of Education, University of London
  • Dame Tamsyn Imison , Former Headteacher, The Hampstead School; Honorary Fellow of Somerville College, Oxford, Queen Mary College, University of London and the Institute of Education
  • Auriol Stevens, Former Editor, Times Higher Education Supplement
  • Fiona Millar, Writer and former Special Advisor, School Governor
  • Anne Mountfield, Former Assistant Director of the Directory of Social Change
  • Henrietta Dombey, Emeritus Professor of Literacy in Primary Education, University of Brighton
  • Ron Glatter, Emeritus Professor of Educational Administration and Management, The Open University, Member of the Council, of the Institute of Education, University of London, trustee of the Advisory Centre for Education and trustee of The Research into State Education Trust
  • Margaret Lloyd, Former Chair of Trustees, Directory of Social Change
  • Margaret Tulloch, Secretary of Comprehensive Future and school governor, in a personal capacity
  • Clio Whittaker, Family learning practioner and former Parent Governor Representative for Camden
  • Julia Eccleshare, Co-Director of the Centre for Literacy in Primary Education and childrens book editor of the Guardian
  • Conor Gearty, Professor of Human Rights Law, LSE and barrister, Matrix Chambers
  • Melissa Benn, writer on education issues
  • Peter Gotham, charity accountant

2. The ERG also receives input from an Expert Advisory Panel of leading academics including:

  • Julian Le Grand, Professor of Social Policy, LSE
  • Francis Green, Professor of Economics at the Institute of Education, University of London
  • Peter Taylor-Gooby, Professor of Social Policy, University of Kent
  • Robin Naylor, Professor of Economics at the University of Warwick
  • Alan Parker, former Director of Education and trustee of the National Foundation for Educational Research.